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Technical adhesives for the automotive market: single sided, double sided, transfer.

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Patches and acoustic insulation parts made of agglomerated felt or absorbing fiber dedicated to the soundproofing of vehicle’s interior and exterior.

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A broad portfolio of adhesive technologies, enabling permanent decoration & customization applications, as much for vehicle’s interior than its exterior.

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Die-cut parts and gaskets (thick)

Foams & materials—with or without adhesive—of several densities and intended to improve sound insulation and to protect the vehicle from impacts.

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Die-cut parts and gaskets (thin)

Light tailor-made composite material, ensuring insulation against air, noise, water, and dust. It is also an efficient protection against scratches, corrosion, and gravels. Uses: hole covering, films, pads…

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Foam & thermoplastics watershield

Adhesive solutions made of polymer and polyolefin. Create a proper shield against water, air, and dust which leads to better acoustic and thermal performances.

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Roof sheetmetal stiffening parts

Adhesive frame stiffener intended to enhance the roof metal sheet rigidity. Optional anti-vibration additional system.

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Whether tailor-made or standardized, the labels are designed for identification, information, traceability, and anti-counterfeiting of the car and its components.

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