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Quality control

An approach to Quality Control tailored for the Healthcare sector


ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES’quality control policy, which has been in place for 15 years, involves organizational systems, processes, products, vendors, and customer service.
The results of this commitment to quality are reflected by our certification in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality systems and endorsements by our customers.
Our attention to quality control is a major reason why 95% of all customers remain loyal to the company and its products.
Key milestones for our Medical Products:
1980 – First quality circle
1985 – Creation of the Quality Control Committee (chaired by the Director General)
1992 - BAXTER Endorsement
1993 - MERCK SHARP & DHOME Endorsement
1993 - BIOMERIEUX Endorsement
1995 - ISO 9001 (1994) Certification
1996 - BAXTER Audit Process Endorsement
1998 - BAXTER Best Vendor Award
2003 - BAXTER Best Vendor Award
2004 - ISO 9001 (2000) certification
2005 - ISO 13485 certification
The quality of the Medical Department is based on expertise gained from ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES previous membership in the FOURNIER pharmaceutical group:
- Familiarity with the medical constraints through an interdisciplinary team (including a microbiologist, pharmacist, chemist, and quality engineer, among others)
- Arranging for FDA marking of Class I, II, and III medical devices.
- Management of biocompatibility, selection of adhesive masses and materials on the basis of their intended final use (performing and verifying cyto-toxicity, sensitization, and primary skin irritation tests), and risk analysis.
- Validation of the sterilization process
- Microbiological controls
- Manufacture and transformation in a controlled atmosphere
- Management lot by lot including raw material and sub component tracing and documentation.



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