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Research & Development

Vertical integration and Matrix management makes R&D a one-stop solution shop.


ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES focuses on innovation to keep our customers out in front of their markets. We maintain a variety of value-added services to insure the finished product works as intended. When you partner with ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES we’ll innovate an adhesive or polymer solution, develop the coating, laminating, printing and packaging processes, under a single point of control, with total responsibility and an eye on the clock to meet your launch, inventory, pricing and technical support requirements.
R & D has a dedicated staff of 19 professionals. One research center with a basic research laboratory and an applied research laboratory, fully dedicated to the area of adhesives and polymers. The most specialized techniques and machinery (chromatography, spectrometry, colorimetry, DTMA, GPC) are available to analyze and evaluate the adhesive properties of emerging products.
The establishment of a technology watch further reinforces our proactive capability, benefiting our customers and their customers with state-of-the-art adhesive solutions.
80% of all R & D programs are operated jointly with our customers. Organized using cross-functional task forces, this matrix development effort assures efficient, expert management from the research stage to delivery of the final product.


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