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Research & Development

ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES’ R&D facilities are equipped to design and produce high value-added medical adhesive products


Since its founding, the Medical R&D Department has placed special emphasis on quality control while developing scientific or technical partnership agreements around the world.
Maintaining these relationships has enabled ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES to continuously expand its expertise, particularly in transformation of polymers and formulation/design of medical adhesives on special backing materials (films, foams, non-woven backings, etc.) in compliance with various standards.
Medical R & D expenditures account for 8% of sales per year. Facilities and resources are among the most modern in the world and meet the strictest standards of the most demanding industries.
The goal of the Research and Development Department is continuous innovation. 30% of ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES products currently being marketed did not exist 3 years ago.
The following resources are available to facilitate innovation:
- an adhesives research laboratory
- a laboratory for developing special products and making them applicable to industry
- an international network of information on emerging markets and technologies
- numerous research and partnership agreements with various universities, specialized schools, and professional institutes
- development methods based on effectiveness and quality management systems through task forces, process analysis, value analysis, utilization of cGMP methods, experimental design, CAD, DTP, and Computer-Assisted Manufacturing and Management programs.
ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES regularly files patents for use by its Health Care customers, e.g.:
- double-sided safety adhesive
- phonatory valve
- catheter holder
- compressive haemostatic bandage
- safety label
- etc...



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